AT-Vantage Software

Home of the full-featured, can do just about anything program for the Public Warehouse Industry.

The base of this program has been around for over 30 years and is still used by dozens of public warehouses around the country.

Yes, it's text based! But that makes it super fast and our customers love it.

About AT-Vantage Software

The history of this software goes back many years. It was originally created by Harold Knight, an ex-warehouse man with over 20 years in the trenches. When Harold passed away, two employees took over the business. We've completely re-written the original program from the ground up, but have never changed the core business logic that makes this program so powerful.

AT-Vantage Software specializes in inventory management software for the Third Party Logistics (3PL) Industry. Since inception, this software has remained at the leading edge of technology through constant improvements and development enableing it to meet the demanding needs of today's warehouse, while at the same time remaining affordable to small and mid-sized warehouses.

With capabilities such as multiple billing functions, EDI, Web Reports, Cloud Based Backup and more, we offer all of the tools that today's Public Warehouse would need to run a successful warehouse with a significant competitive advantage.

Our customer service, technological innovation, strong product line, knowledge of the 3PL Industry, and desire to please our customers are arguably the best in the industry. Above all, we value our customers and are always on a mission to provide better products and services to meet any need that may arise.

Bill W. Smith Jr. has been the senior programmer for this system for over 24 years. He has over 40 years of programming experience and over 20 years experience in the warehousing industry. Bill is also a senior partner.